Best Funny Nicknames for Best Friends

Best Funny Nicknames for Best Friends

Nicknames for Best Friends

Here are 50+ funny nicknames for best friends that will bring happiness on your best friend’s faces. Boys are the most famous as well bravest and bold creatures on Earth. When this creature also famous for calling each other’s by different and funny nicknames.

Boys really fond of giving names to each other in fact they do not let go their love ones too including their mothers like HITLER, sisters like ENCYLOPEDIA,female friends like GEM or even their girlfriends that surely gives the laughter vibes.


Laughter vibes, you must be thinking how? Well, to get your answers just stay tuned with this article. I have shared my opinion regarding smartest, cutest and unique funny names either for men, boys, little boys or kids.

Ø Boy bestoo

Ø Twin

Ø Home

Ø Girl bestoo

Ø boot hang

Ø dawn

Ø Mom

Ø Future

Ø Other half

Ø Dad

Ø World

Ø Left cheek

Ø Main

Ø Headache

Ø Right cheek

Ø Fake bae

Ø Keeper

Ø Rida

Ø Big sister

Ø Diaryice.

Ø Face Time

Ø budy Lil sister

Ø Day one

Ø life support

Ø Big brother

Ø cookie

Ø freak

  • Lil brother

Ø Pineapple

Ø Landlocked

Ø Faveee

Ø Cuzzo Bailer

Ø Hypeman

Ø buddy;

Ø Pict

Ø Laughing buddy

Ø Bloody

Ø Ace

Ø Friend

Ø Crip,

Ø Right

Ø lime

Ø sonc

Ø Trapper

Ø Left handy thug

Ø Bestfrann

Ø One and

Ø Unicorn

Ø Day maker

Ø Shootah

Ø Nemo

Ø Nuciciet,'s

Ø Thug

Best Friend Nicknames


· Diary

· Chocolate

· Banana

· Cupcake

· Churu

· Sunshine

· Paper

· Prince

· Funny Men

· Funny boy

· Sad boy

· Homer

· Joker

· Adobe

· Clean


· Football

· Cow boy

· Billa

· Chuha

· Challa

· Fufu

· Angry man

· Soap

· Gonie

· Guppy

· Tiger

· Aam

· Kaka

· Kokoo

· Mini

· Baller

· Bhala

· Bolo

· Bena

· Jono

· Zizo

· Hulk

· Monna

· Won

· Watka

· Pagal

· Far

· King

· Kung

· Saddy

· Laugh

· Sody

· Arman

· Imu

· King Man

​Good Nicknames For Your Best Friend

good nicknames for your best friend

Once these nicknames are given to boys/Girls it becomes their identification. For instance, if I talk about friends gathering in just a blink funny nick names arises in minds like as follow:

· If one friend is really inserted in Urdu, Hindi or English poetry then he must be known as GHALIB SAHAB.

· If one is holding an attributes of doing experiments then he must be famous as EINSTIEN or it can be DEXTER.

· What if two are the best friends who has never breaking friendship though have the different level of squabble then this stakes only one great and funniest nickname example that is TOM AND JERRY.

· If a boy speaks in speed and fast, then the only names jumps to friend's mind is FAST AND FURIOUS and they feel happy to say here is our fast and furious member.

· If any of the boy is having tall height then he can prevent himself from the given nickname like BURJ KHALIFA

· Bestie

· Dumpie

· Dimple

· Spider Man

· Sid

· Apple Man

· Happy

· Badri

· Sultan

· Silk

· Coco

· Cake

· Selfie

· Queen

· Kung

· Fufu

· Famous Man

· Army boy

· Sado

· Buble

· Baby

· Heart Beat

· Badshah

· Soko

· Andry

From the above concise exemplary sentences, you surely get the idea and significance of boy’s nicknames.

So, no matter what personality attributes have been targeted to assign these smart and entertaining boy's nicknames but they have to like it is any compulsion for boys to attempt any question paper (their friendship) that gives high scores(funniest and laughter element) to paper doer (to each other’s).

I must say boys are good at giving hilarious nicknames to each other. This would not be considered wrong saying that it is the cup of tea which gives positivity and laughter vibes to them.

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